What do an MBA and JD have in common?  A mutual love for bite-sized deliciousness of course!  After grinding it out in corporate America for over 15 years, Amy Whiteman found the right “business” in the cakeball.  Starting the Itty-Bitty Cake Company out of her Fairfax, VA kitchen in 2011, she found her calling – that of entrepreneur!  Two years later, her neighbor, Amy Mattock, joined to create the dynamic cakeball duo.  The two have worked tirelessly to expand their cakeball business from just a fun hobby to a full-time job.  Here is a little glimpse into what makes this story so sweet!

From the Amy's 

Why create a cakeball? 

AW: The hallmark of a great business has two components: a person or team that is passionate about the business and a fantastic product.  

After months of creating a dozen different flavors “just for fun” I took the advice of friends and family that said, “You can sell these.” I had finally found the right “business”.  The cakeball was a unique, and delicious alternative to cupcakes and cookies already familiar to everyone with a sweet tooth.

Who made the first cakeball?  What was the first flavor?

AW: The first time I made a cakeball, I made chocolate and it was a disaster!  The art of making the cakeball is definitely one that took a while to perfect. But once the process was perfected, the flavors were endless!  We’ve made over 30 flavors and routinely offer between 10-12 different flavors at one time depending on the season. 

Do you have a favorite cakeball flavor?   

AW: I am definitely a chocolate person, so my favorites are anything covered in milk or dark chocolate!  If I had to pick just one, I would choose Cookie Dough every time.  Unless there’s Gingerbread and then that’s my favorite! 

AM: My favorite cakeball is, and always has been, carrot cake. I love the smell of the carrot cake baking and our cakeball is so moist and delicious, it is like a little bite of comfort! 

You are both successful business women, with a rising company and amazing families.  What do you feel is your biggest success?  When will you think you really made it? 

AW: I feel very lucky that I’ve finally found “my balance” and that’s how I currently gauge my success (that wasn’t always the case!)  The biggest risk I’ve taken was to leave a very stable, successful career to pursue my interests and grow The Itty-Bitty Cake Company.  

AM: I think our biggest success is creating a product that time and again makes people stop and say, "Wow."  I feel a strong sense of pride in our cakeballs and am thrilled when customers enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy making them!

About Us And FAQs


What exactly is a cakeball? 
Cakeballs are a blend of cake, frosting and other "mix-ins" perfectly blended to create a dough-like texture that can be shaped into balls.  Each cakeball is dipped in chocolate adding a decorative "finish".   

How big is a cakeball? 
Each cakeball is about 1.25" in diameter, the perfect size for a two-bite treat.   

How do I store cakeballs? 
Cakeballs do not have to be refrigerated; however they are best when served slightly chilled.  If stored at room temperature, cakeballs should be eaten within 4-5 days. If refrigerated, they stay fresh for up to two weeks (if you can keep them around that long!) 

How do I place an order? 
If you are interested in placing an order or to find out more information about our flavors or custom creations, please visit The Itty-Bitty Store or send us an email at info@itty-bittycakes.com   For large corporate orders, please email us or submit your information via the Contact Us Form.    

How are itty-bitty cakes packaged? 
Itty-bitty cakes can be ordered by the dozen for catering events with a minimum order quantity of 3 dozen.  The Itty-Bitty Cake Company offers 6pc, 12pc and 24pc gift boxes beautifully presented with our custom packaging. Itty-bitty cakes can also be ordered as favors in 2pc. or 4pc. options.   

Do you accomodate special requests? 
Absolutely!  We can create flavors to compliment a party or event theme or simply to satisfy a craving!  Additionally, for a minimum quantity, we can work with you to create custom packaging to fit your event.


Phone:  571-989-2944

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